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Portland, Oregon's Kat Cunning, one of the few open lesbians on Broadway, is an actress, singer and dancer who has appeared in "Cinderella" and "Nutcracker Rouge." Her vocal chops are matched only by her alluring stage presence.

Lee Brearley: I have felt discriminated against -- in circus there are people from different countries, and they will hurt you. Places like Russia: there are a lot of Russian acrobats, and they're scared to [come out].

I think representing who you're with and what their sex is can be so useful.

I don't see any need for it to be separate, unless people are harassing my children.

You know you have the skill, but you're scared because there's a risk for your life ... And now that we've run away with the circus -- Cirque has its own process and its own way of doing things, and that has been an interesting challenge. Kat Cunning: I feel under-represented as a lesbian in this industry. It's interesting: people say things like that and they don't even realize that it's offensive.

Cirque is used to substantially longer creation periods. Lee Brearley: They would never say that to a straight guy, to be 'more straight.' Reed Kelly: People don't even realize that they're discriminating against you or being offensive.

Josh and I had a very real conversation about it: ' We're taking this step forward into this, and that means you're giving people access to this relationship.' So there's a bit that gets leveraged for reality TV, but I also think that it's important to be true to who you are, and Josh and I went on ' Survivor' not because we wanted to represent the gay community or the Christian or Broadway community -- we went on because we freaking love ' Survivor' and we wanted to be competitors.

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