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Even though the Grannies have been leading Skype calls with their students for years, sharing stories, songs, languages, and developing lasting friendships, most had never met in person until this past February.A group of Grannies from the UK, Germany, France, Spain, and Egypt among other countries, travelled to India for the Granny Cloud Conference—a week-long program that took the Grannies to visit four of the five India labs.If you are just looking to chat and have some female company you are welcome in these chat rooms as well.With a lot of life experience, they are the ones to pick if you want to have a regular chat.From the SOLE lab in Phaltan to the remote lab of Korakati in West Bengal, Grannies were welcomed with open arms, music, dance and warmth.The kids were delighted to see their Grannies in person, who travelled by bus, boat, planes and rickshaws to visit the children they’d so lovingly mentored.Though they’ve always known how much the children cherish these Skype calls, seeing in person how grateful they were was very moving for all those involved.

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Skype sessions with the Granny Cloud started over seven years ago, with a group of over 60 Grannies.Gouri, one of the early users of the Granny Cloud The Granny Cloud was also influential for Sharukh Khan, who is currently studying medicine in the Philippines.He’d originally met his Granny Liz through a Skype call to his school in India.A lot of men are watching older women have sex on cam because these girls know what they are doing.

With years of sexual experience, they know what they like, and know every little part of their body.She was excited to talk on Skype with her Granny but describes the first few lessons, as “horrible for the Grannies” since neither of the participants could understand each other.

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