Vista avg not updating

15-Dec-2019 02:14

vista avg not updating-19

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Wait until the installation finishes, restart your computer and restart the installation of AVG.

If you do not know what installation was running, consider that it may be an update to the software or operating system.

If none of these methods helped you, we recommend you contact the Support department of the company or spring for the .99 AVG service that will install and configure the antivirus for you.

vista avg not updating-18

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Whenever you install a piece of software, it also installs several files and probably Registry entries in order to work efficiently.By rebooting, you make sure that when you try to install AVG, only the applications necessary for the operation will run.Make sure you run the installation as Administrator.I’ve been a happy user of AVG Free for a long time.

Granted, it’s never been exactly easy to get, but a google-search does the trick.

Having run version 7.whatever for some time, I got a message that they’d soon stop supporting it, and that I should upgrade to version 8.