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Atsugewi ✧ ATW ✧ This [possibly] Hokan, Shasta–Palaihnihan language of California went extinct with the death of Medie Webster in 1988.Atsugewis saw the Big Dipper as Coyote’s cane; the Milky Way, the Devil’s trail.Achuar-Shiwiar [Achuar Chicham] ✧ ACU ✧ From the tiny Jivaroan family, spoken by around 7000 in Peru and Ecuador by the Achuar, Shiwiar and Maina tribes.For numerals greater than four, they switch to Spanish. Spoken in Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia by 1.5 million.Awa Pit (Cuaiquer) ✧ KWI ✧ Barbacoan family, seriously endangered, spoken by 13,000 on the Pacific slopes of the Andes in Colombia and Ecuador by the Awa-Kwaiker people.Most Awa-Kwaiker men also speak Spanish; most women and children, only Awa Pit.100,000 speakers in Georgia’s heavily contested Abkhazia region, many more in diaspora communities elsewhere.

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Unusually rich sound inventory (34 consonants, 16 vowels) including ejectives and an N sound which like a vowel can carry tones.The English word “skunk” likely derives from Abenaki.Abkhazian (Abkhaz) ✧ ABK ✧ Northwest Caucasian, closely related to Abaza (q.v.).Acehnese ✧ ACE ✧ Malayo-Polynesian, Chamic, 3.5 million speakers in Aceh Province, Sumatra, Indonesia.

Previously used an Arabic script but through influence of Dutch colonizers switched to Roman, adding é, è, ë, ö, and ô.For Etruscan I’m using Etruscan numerals while pretending those numerals follow a similar scheme, but with the smaller units to the left of the larger ones, a slash for 5, and a star for 1000.