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cons- boring because you can't change the default wallpaper, you cannot put icons on desktop (this one you cannot do in bunsenlabs as well), wicd network manager should be replaced by nmapplet because whenever you will connect wired network to your computer, you have to connect it manually.My search for the perfect lightweight Linux distro ends here!All of my requirements were met : i386 support ( Thinkpad X60 for its 4:3 display ) .deb/package support ( debian based, despite its name ) Chromium ( needed 32 bit Chrome that's being updated, and this one comes with the Google API as well !) Less than 650Mb download ( 261Mb in fact ) Ability to persist on live, in an easy manner ( SLAX actually needs additional running of the to populate the USB flash MBR, without which is why I've never gotten it to run before this and gave up ) Does not run on the usual combo of JWM/Ice WM ROX/Space FM ( for visual reasons ) 3945 Wireless straight out of the box ( the network manager Wi CD is sufficient ) One that most distros fail - Thinkpad trackpoint middle button scroll! Well, even if it's open source unfortunately it has code from Google, which tries many things to gather data about user activity.

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Found a work-around by adding an alternative library (debian-multimedia) All good! Zadal jsem v xterm: apt wine Po stazeni 13 souboru to napise chybu: E: invalid operation wine.Only 64bit version was affected and changed during these version bumps.Thomas, I just got your email informing me of the latest release.For example, the translation feature in Chromium is very useful and easy to use.

But it has to read the content of every page I visit in order to determine if it is in foreign language and show the popup to offer to translate the page. I want to install a *package on 9.9.0 So I've installed software-properties-common to install GDEBI When I try to apt-get install gdebi - it returns a bunch of errors: gconf2 libgksu2-0 gksu gdebi Google search didn't help either. @Vadim In order to build a bundle to access the scanner capabilities on my Brother printer/scanner, I needed to do the following: apt-get update; apt-get install --yes sane-utils dpkg -i brscan4-0.4.2-1.amd64The sane-utils are just a scanner package and not important to the example.

Of more concern was the fact that it added an extra Chromium icon to my x Lunch which I couldn't get rid of. @Jeff Garrison You will most likely need to compile those from sources, first use "apt install git build-essential" to install developer tools and then you can clone the repos and compile it. With version 9.9 after updating I see 60 core packages to be upgraded, is that correct?