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The Ask TOM team will be busy at Open World this month.If you are at the conference, drop into the Groundbreaker area and say Hello.let say deptno=10 is repeated twice in dept table with different department names and emp table has three employees working for deptno=10 then join between these two tables would produce six rows in the output, database has no clue about which department name should be updated here.Hence this error update is turned into a merge, then we don't see this error message.Materlizedview or CTAS – Need help on Design approach ERROR: ORA-01861: literal does not match format string Why a function within a SELECT FROM DUAL is faster? Case insensitive access to mixed case table and column names? nested loops please give me reply to type one bonus type two calculation in the proceure Select TO_CHAR(TO_DATE('20101006',' DD-MON-YY'), ' DY' ) from dual; ERROR Alert log files ORACLE DEVReports Replication Multimedia (formerly i... That way deptno is not duplicated in DEPT table and every record from EMP table matches at most zero or one record in DEPT table. MD_DT IS NOT NULL AND t1.unqid=t2.unqid AND t1.lt='hl' ) TEMP WHERE TEMP.ROW_ID=1) Newt where newt.unqid=t1.unqid; Can we have unique key/primary key constraints on Newt.

México Trade Promotions Resources Eloqua Consultants Application Server XML DBBerkeley DB개발자 (Korean)Data Integratorweblogic.eventserver.g... If table has 1 row and you insert one row, how many rows table will have? This process of extracting the elements of a collection is called collection unnesting. BDA_NT_TEST Cost: 1 Bytes: 77 Cardinality: 1 1 INDEX RANGE SCAN INDEX GLOB.

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