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26-Mar-2020 01:16

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How can I get past that to update by TOTP authenticator code for Linode without having to update my CC info?

As for laughs, you just fondle the phone in your pocket with a giggly grin.

"As I understand it, COBOL courses are becoming popular again," says Moores. "That was another example of when assumptions that were made suddenly became invalid and a whole bunch of software had to be rewritten," says Krishnaswami.

"There is a demand for COBOL programmers for this very reason — to assist in porting the old systems into the new systems." And it's not just COBOL. "Back in the 1970s people thought, 'Okay, we can encode the year with two digits because there's no way that software I wrote in 1975 will still be running 25 years from now.' But indeed it still was," he says. Only COBOL isn't the problem, so it doesn't have to die.

The problem is how the newer code, like Java, interacts with COBOL.

I've wondered whether it would be possible to design new code that takes these "communication" issues into consideration, but without the COBOL expertise there is no way of knowing in advance what problems will arise.But when it comes to banks, the problems were built into the system 60 years ago — albeit unwittingly — when computer languages like COBOL and FORTRAN first reared their sturdy heads.