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Fast forward to 2008 TDA and there we were,at the Pyramids, 60 strangers from 14 different countries about to have the ride/total experience of our lives.It was incredible, just like cycling through the pages of the National Geographic, every day for 4.5 months- i was hooked!The Tda was/is like a drug- the more trips you go on, the more you want to do.In Africa i met Michael Linke and the BEN (Bicycle empowerment network), inspired by the great things they were doing, started a chapter of Bicycles for Humanity here in Victoria as a way of giving back.While searching long distance bike tours way back in the early 2000's, the TDA site came up. Wow- people- 'ordinary people-doing extraordinary things' actually participated in those rides, and lived to tell about it!They didn't get killed by lions or headhunters or...

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Sadly this year I can only do one segment but with lots of old friends (no reference to ageism) I couldn't resist returning - looking forward to joining you in Banff Hi. Looking forward to a great summer of cycling WOW, ANOTHER TDA TOUR SO FORTUNATE AND PROUD TO BE A PART OF THIS GROUP. MY CHOICE IS TO STAY AS ACTIVE IN LIFE AS POSSIBLE. ENERGIZING MY GOALS AS I SEE THIS AMAZING WORLD ON TWO WHEELS.

Since then, I did a couple of Orient Express tours, Amber Route, Trans Europa, Odyssey and Pub Ride.

In 2007 I also crossed the Himalaya by bike, riding from Lhasa to Kathmandu including a ride to Mount Everest North face base camp where this photograph was taken. My brother Troy (who will be on this ride) and I discovered Tibet’s fabled "Lost Falls of the Brahmaputra” in 1997.

To date we (B4H Victoria) have collected and shipped 11 container loads of bikes to 3 African countries- Two container loads each to Namibia & Uganda and 7 to Malawi ( 5000 bikes spare parts to date and counting!

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) So fortunate and blessed to be able to give back...I have been having the time of my life since the year 2002 when I wound up my business interests in North Queensland Australia.