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The "rolling machine," which is not a part of these claims, has already completed the "embryos," except for the metal which remains between the "jaws"; and the "elements" remain all in a continuous strip.

The strip is intermittently advanced, pausing as the end "element" straddles the edge of the tape, which is set vertically in its path.

Wrangler, like Lee initially used the arcuate stitch on the back pockets, but this was quickly replaced in 1948 with the “W” stitch.

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Vintage Conmar No Snag Metal Zipper Neckline 22" Evergreen in Unopened.

Two methods of making the metal parts — "elements" — and of fastening them to the tapes to make "stringers," had been in use before Wintritz filed his application in October, One of these was to make the "elements" separately and feed them from a hopper to the tape to which they were to be attached; the other was to "coin" or to "stamp" the "elements," feed them to the tape, and attach them — all in a single machine.

Wintritz's patent was a variant; one machine "coined" or swaged out of a piece of wire the "elements" as "embryos" in a continuous strip; another machine fed the wire so "coined" to the tape where at one stroke a punch finished the fabrication of that "element" which was next to the end, and cut from the strip the end "element," which was at the same time clamped upon the tape.

There were no changes in the back with the rubber sharrings and box pleats and eventually adjustment belts were added.

The Wrangler 20 MJL shared a similar design in the front of the jacket with the 24MJ Model.In 1951, the Second Edition Wrangler jacket included a zipper closure and was known as the 8MZ (Zipper) Model.

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