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06-May-2020 03:01

What I respect about Takeshi is that although he never took acting lessons, he succeed to become one of the most famous actors in the world without some background, famous cousins or high degree in school, he succeed based on his talent and hard work.

I respect him because he is an ordinary person who wants all the same things that we -- normal, non-famous people -- want, and he's not ashamed to tell that.

In free time he loves to read a lot, plays sport, he's interested in diving and philosophy and he enjoys hanging out with his friends and family, plus he is always so kind and modest.

Interesting fact is that in 2001 he accepted invitation from Japanese TV channel to record an 11-day dive adventure programme in the South Pole.

Forget about the plot, the characters, the intrigue (which are all splendid in the movie) and just focus on the visuals.

There are interiors of elaborate richness, costumes of bizarre beauty, landscapes of mountain ranges and meadows, fields of snow, banks of autumn leaves, and a bamboo grove that functions like a kinetic art installation.

And he said that it's been his dream to visit the Antarctic at least once in his lifetime.

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Takeshi and Tony have such a fantastic chemistry and they make this movie to be so great.And he will be forever the man with most beautiful smile and so capturing eyes that the moment you see him he steals your heart away and then it's over.