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14-Jun-2020 08:56

Regina continued her stronghold on Hollywood by providing the movie-goers with a stellar performance in Barry Jenkins' critically acclaimed romantic flick -- a movie based on James Baldwin's book of the same name.Her portrayal of Sharon Rivers - arguably her most notable performance on the silver screen till date - has drawn widespread traction; so much so that she has received interview, she sat down with fellow Hollywood heavyweights including Lady Gaga, Nicole Kidman, Kathryn Hahn, Rachel Weisz, and Glenn Close to speak on the challanges faced by women in the industry.

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Let’s find out more about the dating thing which she disclosed. With a quiet married life, the pair also shares a son, Ian Alexander Jr., who is now 23.

She was born to a special education teacher mother and an electrician father. Both names of the sisters, Reina and Regina, mean queen in Spanish and Latin respectively.