Starmate sirius problem updating stations

13-Jan-2021 21:38

The only variable I can honestly say does occur is the temperature. I changed the antenna to North West, and couldn't believe my ears, it's working.

Is it possible that, when the temperature dips to its lowest of lows in the wee small hours, it affects my antenna's reception? Hopefully that will be the end of my having to change the antenna all around.

Antenna Not Detected, No Antenna, Check Antenna What’s happening: Antenna Not Detected occurs when the antenna is no longer transmitting to the antenna port on the dock or radio.

Check this out; page will show you the best possible direction to point your antenna; It has been constantly cutting out to "acquiring signal" which NEVER happened except for 2 or 3 specific spots in the course of my travels and I have had Sirius for going on 8 years now. I have been reduced to using the clamshell antenna from my home system and just move it around constantly to try to catch the North/Northwest signal.I have a chronic problem with Sirius signal degradation and unending “acquiring signal” display and it always occurs between 01 AM Eastern time. Are Sirius engineers tweaking the satellite when they think fewer people are listening?Are they trying to update software that will put older, but still working receivers out of business?In most cases Acquiring Signal is NOT a problem with the antenna, but rather the radio itself or docking station.

Troubleshooting: Try using your plug and play receiver in a different docking station (like a boombox or home dock) to see if that corrects the issue.I'm in southwest Missouri and have an unobstructed view of the sky.