Spiritual gifts dating

15-Nov-2020 01:46

Be creative and make disciples over college basketball, cooking, or Call of Duty, rather than going AWOL from God’s mission because of them.

It’s just a fact, marriage murders spontaneity — not entirely, but massively. Yes to a late-night movie or the special event downtown.

Look for ways Satan might be undermining your mission with short and simple pleasures.

You may not need to eliminate it, but limit it and look for ways to welcome others into your life through it.

Paul sings singleness’s praises, listing the spiritual benefits of being spouse-free.

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A season of singleness is not merely the minor leagues of marriage.

Maybe you just have a deep, undeniable desire for a loving, committed companion. While it may seem like two categories at first, we soon discover in application that there are three: the single, the married, and the not-yet-married.

After all, as any single person knows, a desire for marriage does not a marriage make.

Okay, he’s after all of us, but there are some unique dangers in singleness — especially in unwanted singleness.

He loves to deceive and discourage single people in the church and derail our devotion and ministry.

So, Paul concludes, skip the ceremony, literally, and enjoy “your undivided devotion to the Lord.” Most say, “More power to you, Paul . Maybe it’s abundantly clear that you need a helper to carry out God’s call on your life (or it’s abundantly clear to others that you do).

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