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07-Sep-2020 12:44

Yet the familiar mix of carols, cards, presents, trees, multiplicities of Santas and holiday neuroses that have come to define December 25th in the United States is little more than a hundred years old.

By the 1850s, many Americans, not just New Englanders, had fallen in love with the German custom.

Like many other such 'inventions of tradition', the creation of an American Christmas was a response to social and personal needs that arose at a particular point in history, in this case a time of sectional conflict and civil war, as well as the unsettling processes of urbanization and industrialization.

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Virginia planters took the occasion to feast, dance, gamble, hunt and visit, perpetuating what they believed to be the old Christmas customs in English manors.

At this cross-roads of progress and nostalgia, Americans found in Christmas a holiday that ministered to their needs.

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