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“I often have people in their early 20s sign up for date coaching, and I’ve also had some people in their 70s,” Laura said.“Being single at any age can be challenging, so it always helps to get an expert opinion.” Laura and her team take a hands-on approach to dating coaching and matchmaking.Single in the City now encourages potential attendees to indicate their interest in prospective niche events.Singles can push a “notify me when available” button on TBD events for Christian singles, geeky singles, gay singles, and other types of daters.She’s a matchmaker and dating coach, and she’s also a blogger and radio host.She has authored a book on finding a life mate, and she has built a company to help get singles dates.

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It only took them four minutes to know they were right for one another. “We recommend your event to all we meet,” they wrote in a thank-you note.

Today, she runs the largest event-based dating company in the area.