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24-Oct-2020 10:26

We have lawyers who can talk to you about how the law applies to your legal problem.

Instead of protecting and nurturing his daughter, the prosecutor said the man “treated her as a sexual object to satisfy his own sexual desires and the desires of other like-minded pedophiles.”Mr Whalley said the offender told police “it was fun while it lasted” but it was “way over the line, way, way too far”.

Information on support groups that you can connect with is also available via their website.

Website: au Phone: (02) 6162 1924 Twenty10 incorporating GLCS NSW Provides a range of support services and social spaces for people of diverse genders, sexualities and sexes in NSW.

We have 15 offices in metropolitan and regional Victoria.

We also provide services at many courts, tribunals and other locations throughout Victoria.Services are aimed specifically at people aged under 26.

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