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02-Nov-2020 04:29

The case was reopened after a dying woman implicated her own son 36 years after the fact.

Her words, as recalled by two of her daughters, were somewhat cryptic, and there's no way to seek clarification. And, separate from this crime, two siblings had powerful reasons to fear and despise their half brother.

That first Tuesday in December started like any other for Maria Ridulph and Kathy Sigman, with a short walk across the street to West Elementary School. After school, they went to Maria's house to cut out paper snowflakes.

A few blocks away, a man in an overcoat spotted two other girls walking along State Street by the public library and tried to strike up a conversation. The girls felt uneasy, so they ducked into a restaurant.

That wasn't Sycamore's only peculiar hint of the dirty and forbidden.

Since Halloween, someone had been scrawling obscenities in chalk on a tree and stop sign at the intersection of Center Cross Street and Archie Place.

Winning a conviction in a crime that occurred in 1957 is a remarkable accomplishment – proof that no one should get away with murder, even if justice takes 55 years.

But a close examination of the case by CNN raises questions about the strength of the evidence, the motives of some of the witnesses and the ability of the court system to fairly and accurately reconstruct history.

Scattered on the sidewalk were half a dozen photographs of nude women.

Now imagine trying to explain what you were doing a lifetime ago.

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