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These nodules, seem for the most part, to have been formed arovmd fossils as nuclei and in many are to be seen very perfect fossils.

These are usually species of fusilina and num- mulites.

Shirk Notes and Documents 91 Annual Index to The Chronicles, 1965 Oklahoma Historical Projects: National Society, Colonial Dames XVII Century Plea for the Oklahoma Historical Society, 1926 Publications of The Oklahoma Historical Society Book Reviews 105 Minutes 108 Coj;er : Portrait of Spring Frog, a Cherokee known as "Too-an-tuh," from History of the Indian Tribes by Thomas L. II (Portfolio of Portraits of Indian Chiefs, Published by Rice and Clark, Philadelphia, 1842). Ballenger In arriving at the correct facts about the prominent Chero- kee leader, Spring Frog, one must remember that there are several Spring Frogs on record in Cherokee history. Dennis The order establishing this office was rescinded 23 February 1917, and the office was never in operation.

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The colors are usually white shading to yellow, banded with darker colors, rarely show- ing shades of red. Woods Discontinued 28 April 1936, effective , mail to Aline. The first law that the western Cherokees passed at Dar- danelle Rock in 1820 providing for the appointment of a Light Horse company to preserve peace and order was signed by Spring Frog as one of the "Chiefs, Headmen and Warriors of the Cherokee Nation."^ In 1818 he was leader of a Cherokee band against the out- law Osages, and punished them severely. Margaret Blunt Discontinued effective 15 August 1912, mail to Miami.