Selena and justin bieber dating

21-Nov-2019 09:35

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"I'm never going to stop loving her," he told most forcefully on Nov. They could definitely get back together, Justin said.

"I mean we have a lot of history together," he told Ellen De Generes two weeks ago.

She was still a bit pouty and playing hard to get." So flirty friends, sure.

Second sighting: Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez take a walk together that night.

Selena Gomez on top of her game since dating rumors are concerned.

Now that Jelena chapter is closed, apparently Selena is onto someone next. They shared a picture on Instagram earlier in which Niall was kissing on the cheek of Selena and showed great chemistry. Like recently in an event in Los Angles where they were caught sitting together and sharing lovely moments.

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A guest there records Justin singing a very spirited cover of romantic Motown hit to Sel: the two were just "friendly" at the bar, but "didn't act like a couple." And Sel wasn't that into the least she wasn't trying to be: "Justin was in a great mood and serenaded her.But are they really back together or just friendly exes?A thorough, objective look at the evidence: Precursor: Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez say they are very single.We hope the star is able to manage both and we can see her in movies as well as listen to her songs!!

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They both flirt with each other, but they are not dating right now.Also, from time to time, Selena has mentioned how she finds Niall Horan extremely cute.