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IL— Regiminal Treatment of Phthisis, in- cluding Sanatorium Treatment . If this is impracticable, gieat care must be observed in the preparation of the infant's food— sterilised cow's milk mixed with a little lime water or a small quantity of a 5 per cent, solution of sodium bicar- bonate should be used so as to ensure its having an alkaline reaction.

III.—Climatio Treatment in Phthisis GENERAL INDEX to Vols. Care should also be taken that the bottle, the nipple, and any vessels used in the preparation of the tood are thoroughly clean.

-Painful Spots in a case of Functional Cardiac Disease ...... : (1) Simple Catwrrhal 8toniatitw--8yniptom8-Cau«e«-Indicitio M for Treatment.

-Chart of cases of Acute Lobar Pneumonia -Potain's Apparatus for Thoracentesis -Cabot's Folded Drainage-tube for Empyema in Children ■Sanitary Cuspidor Dettweiler's Pocket Flask PAOE 127 '28 128 129 131 309 309 309 310 443 444 445 446 681 647 693 710 723 723 XV A MANUAL OF MEDICAL TREATMENT Part I.-DISEASES OF THE ORGANS OF DIGESTION CHAPTER I TREATMENT OF DISEASES OF THE MOUTH, TONSILS, AND PHARYNX Stojutitis : Inflanunation of the Mouth- Varietie.

— Diseases of the Intestines: Tbkathknt OF Pemtyphlitis, oe Appendicitis, and of Dysentxby Xll. In young children milk and barley water, mixed, should be given, in preference to beef tea, as beef tea may cause smartinir of the mouth. In older children, in adults, and old j)eople it is apt to appear towards the close of ex- hausting, cachectic diseases. This fungus seems to require an acid medium for its development, and its occurrence in young infants has been supposed to be due to tlie preponderance of mucus, which is prone to turn acid, over the alkaline saliva, in their oral secretions. Sodii bicarbonatis Aquao rosic drachmas tres (siij). But glycerinum acidi borici is a suitable preparation, with which the patches may be frequently painted.CIHM Microfiche Series (IMonographs) ICIMH Collection de microfiches (monographies) Canadian Instituta for Historical Microraproductions / Institut Canadian da microraproductions historiquas Tachnical and Bibliographic Notas/Notas tachniquas at bibliographiquaa Tha Instituta has attamptad to obtain tha bast original copy availabia for filming. Secondly, emollient cleansing and antiseptic washes are needed to remove the foul secretions, to keep the oral cavity clean, and to soothe the irritation. II Stomatjtjs of soda to the ounce, 8hould be used. Chlorate of potash lotions are less service- able in simple than m the severely septic foms of s omatrtia A wash containing salicylil acid part dissolved m 5 parts of alcohol, and added to 250 parts o water, has the advantage of ^thig ^^ an antiseptic and an anesthetic, or boric fcidlr tion may be used. It is found on the dorsal surface of the tongue, on the inside of the lips and cheeks, and especially on the folds connecting the gums with the lips and cheeks ; it extends also to other parts of the buccal membrane, and into the pharynx, whence it descends into the (esophagus.