Realbasic progress bar not updating

06-May-2020 11:07

I think you can read something about it in the Language Reference (see the Update Now property of the window class). Using a thread, the UI, which is always redrawn by the main thread, your display can be refreshed normally. Hello, A simple thread looping is certainly not the cause of flickers issue.

You may have something that calls "refresh" or set some controls value in your loop.

Hello; Using RB 5.5.4 Spent lots of time building a Mac app which now works fine; now trying on Win 98. Yes, but only when your code wasn't in a thread.

My app has a thread running in the background that queries the serial port. When you move your code in a thread, the refresh is no longer needed.

16198 Key Up and Key Down have been replaced with a single event, Key Pressed which fires after the user has released a key (or repeatedly if the user holds the key down).

The Key Event handling routines now return the correct characters for keys that have them and only keycodes for keys without characters associated with them (Function Keys, Arrows, etc).

The Key Event class now has read-only properties to indicate the state of the Shift, Control, Alt, and Meta keys when the current key was pressed.

Constants were added to the Key Event class for common non-character key codes.

This means a single event (such as a button push) cannot be triggered twice for the same session.

11160 Framework: Two exceptions in soap handling have been fixed.

One caused an out of bounds exception (the first report in the case) and that has been fixed.

Is there a general list of differences between behavior with the Mac and Win versions of RB that I should be aware of? -- Refresh false changed nothing; fortunately removing Refresh entirely improves things and appears not to be needed in the Mac version at all.

Still some problem driven by the rate at which the serial port can be accessed on the Windows box but as a stopgap measure, I will try to simply access it less frequently.

16309 Open URLMovie no longer loads movie right away, only when properties of the Movie object are accessed or assigned to a Movie Player.