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07-Aug-2020 12:11

This is the first of many trips into the cave, and all you need to say is I understand. He will do it on many occasions moving forward in the relationship.It looks so easy, but in real life, falling in love isn’t always such a smooth road.

I’m a neurotic fucking mess in my cave right now, but that’s okay, I can deal with it. Telling him you’re thinking about him triggers that caveman inside him.

By the time you get home, or maybe the next morning, you’re fine. His friend will say, you know, you’re on a hot streak.

You just say a sentence, you share your freak out in the moment, and he looks at you and doesn’t say a word. Yours are just words that you emote, and then you calm yourself down.

There’s no denying physical appearance plays a part in love.

It may be a sexy smile, long legs, or curvy hips, but something on the surface will attract a man initially.

Even though you might be freaking out and you might think this great new relationship is about to end, it really isn’t going to end. This text will bring him out of the cave: Just thinking about you.