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Oftentimes a business will provide discounts if payment is received prior to a month from the invoice due date.

Businesses provide discounts to improve their cash flow and their ability to repay debts or to fund payroll.

Now, applied to an invoice you might see terms of 2% 10th Prox, Net 20th Prox and wonder what it means either as a seller or a buyer. It means the invoice in question will receive a 2% discount if paid by the 10th of the following month [the 'next' 10th] and is due net on the 20th of the following month [the 'next' 20th of the month].

30 Days EOM is a payment for goods that is due 30days from the END OF the MONTH (EOM) that the goods were invoiced in.

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This is a relatively common term of payment utilized by companies in the United States.

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You purchase goods from them in the month of January.

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