Protecting your identity online dating

21-May-2020 05:34

There are simple precautions one can take to protect data and reduce the risk of identity theft.While registering on social networking and dating websites, consider how much information you are sharing for public view.Additionally, steer clear of unfamiliar job opportunities and offers that sound overly lucrative.It is important to keep track of the different online accounts you have, and delete any you no longer use.As our lives become increasingly digital, protecting personal data is more relevant than ever before.

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This gives the employer confidence that the individual’s information, such as their name and nationality, is genuine and accurate, and in turn, the individual gets a receipt of who they have shared their details with.

Digital identities make the process of verification and authentication simple and secure, and help prevent fake accounts and catfishing.

Building and managing public online profiles can help potential employers assess candidates and employees.

Review your personal profile and privacy settings, and adjust them to a level you are comfortable with.

Beware of the default setting, which is often public.When online dating moves to a face-to-face meeting, you have to be sure that the person you are talking to or meeting is who they say they are.

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