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When they’re with the participants, producers try to keep interaction to a minimum. “The more we interact, the more we enter the bubble, and we burst it.” So, he said, “If we have any issues with our production process, then we always withdraw and then we discuss it away form the cast, and then we go back.”Beyond getting help in an emergency, producers don’t give the cast assistance. First is the day-one meeting between the two participants.“That has to be choreographed because we’re shooting two people walking to a spot,” Rankin said, adding that it takes about two hours. The rest of the time, they just have to figure out how to do it themselves.”The second exception is when the participants are heading to the extraction point.

We always try to have minimal interaction.”One of the times when the production backs away the most is when the survivalists are hunting, Bittner said.

There are local PAs, one daytime and one nightime, in addition to a day and night medic, but they stay away from the filming unless they’re needed.

The crew leaves the camp before it gets dark, Bittner told me.

We went to bed exhausted, connected and confident.” A team of super-achievers were probably stressing themselves—and this pre-competition dance party and team-building activity proved the perfect prelude to success. “What makes me most proud of these hardworking girls is their attitude,” Coker said.

“They’re willing to do whatever it takes to achieve success!While Rankin wasn’t on location for that episode, you may recall that he was bitten by a snake and a horrifying picture of his damaged foot was tweeted by Bear Grylls.

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