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07-Jan-2020 16:55

But lately there's been a sort of hipster celebration of it all: You can see Pittsburghese-themed crafts at Handmade Arcade, bought and sold by people who may not have an accent at all.In your research, how do native speakers feel about that?That's a good question, and it's hard to answer because this wasn't happening even 10 years ago.They had the T-shirts, but the consumers were mostly Pittsburghers sending them to their relatives.Philadelphia, there's a very distinct accent there, but it's never become part of the local identity in this way.

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It charts the unlikely story of a city whose residents went from barely recognizing they had an accent to celebrating it as a touchstone of their identity.

During the G-20, people who were serving as hosts were instructed not to speak Pittsburghese. Globalization has been going on here forever: The fact that the Scots-Irish came here in the first place was globalization.