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26-Nov-2020 04:06

Your administrator can then run the following Power Shell command in the Exchange Management Shell: If you want to re-add the mailbox again, there is no need for you to bother your Exchange administrator and ask him/her to reset the auto-mapping attribute.When someone “owns” a large Shared Mailbox account (e.g., having many large attachments), or has extensive privileges to a Shared Mailbox account, the local online cache (OST file) of their Outlook client becomes too large.I’ve added some additional Exchange mailboxes to my account but now I can’t seem to remove them anymore in Outlook as they don’t show up in my account settings or the additional mailboxes list.Right clicking on a mailbox and choosing “Close Restarting Outlook is a first quick check to see if there are any pending account changes which can only be processed via a restart.Assume that you're using Microsoft Outlook 2010 or a later version, and you've been delegated permission to send email messages as another user or on behalf of another user from a shared mailbox.However, when you send a message as another user or on behalf of the user, the sent message isn't saved to the Sent Items folder of the shared mailbox.Important Follow the steps in this section carefully.

Therefore, messages are stored in the Sent Items folder of the sender's mailbox.

In that case, the additional mailbox is being added automatically via the “Auto-Mapping” feature of Exchange.

As you’ve noticed, removing a mailbox that has been added via the auto-mapping feature is not possible via the traditional way.

Because this new feature is handled by the server that's running Exchange Server, Outlook can be configured in online mode or cached Exchange mode.

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However, this feature works only if the Outlook Delegate Sent Items Styleregistry value is disabled.

Before you modify it, back up the registry for restoration in case problems occur.