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~Judy Kearns OPEN CALL FOR TRANSGENDER AND NON-BINARY ACTORS (French description to follow- Description en Français à suivre.) On Sunday, October 22nd 2017, CSA members around the world will be opening their offices to union and non-union transgender actors (including non-binary, gender non-conforming and genderqueer actors).Artists who are professionally trained as well as those actively pursuing professional careers as performers are welcome to attend.Almost invariably, the bully boss, as President of the club, surrounds him/herself with enforcers and re-enforcers and alienates any non-outsiders – anyone who disagrees with with their top-down policies and poses a threat to their power and control.I have recently been the victim of this kind of treatment, from the leaders of a group I founded over 30 years ago (Gender Mosaic Inc.). Gender Freedom (GF) is Canada’s newest Transgender Support Group, located in Ottawa, Ontario. The management has a Spring Fling Event that yields them an estimated 0,000.00 dollars and would have interfered with that event.We offer a safe, supportive, non-judgmental environmentwhere individuals can feel free to express themselves and pursuepersonal growth. That’s nice bit of change for a non-profit group and the group it’s self does not get any of that money, save a Kick Back, it is not clear if the Kick Back goes to the group or just the Exectve.Questions or if you’re in a location where a CSA office isn’t available?Please email: CSAInclusionand [email protected] Inquiries: Ty Gates [email protected]~ ~ ~ APPEL OUVERT AUX ACTEURS TRANS ET NON-BINAIRE Dimanche le 22 octobre 2017, les membres de CSA a travers le monde vont ouvrir leurs portes au personnes transgenres qui sont membres union ou non-union (incluant les acteurs non-binaire, non-conformité du genre, et genderqueer).

The bully boss’s leadership style is usually described as ‘my way or the highway’ and he or she almost always surrounds him/herself with multiple enforcers and re-enforcers.Boys will beat you up and feel they have won because youre the one with the black eye and bleeding nose. The victory is shallow and exists only in their minds.Girls, on the other hand, tend to choose rumors, criticism and ostracism as methods of bulling.The bully boss is also characterized by a top-down management style.

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She/he consults the employees under her/his authority only to inform them of decisions already made at the executive level; never to seek their guidance or opinions.

We seek to empower our members through knowledge and educate the community in which we livethrough outreach activities. Should you attend that event you will be lining there pockets as the ash trays are full now, and they need new cars.

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