Nwg macintosh centre for quaternary dating

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Macintosh was a foundation member of the council (1967-73) and editorial committee of the Australian Academy of Forensic Sciences.

He was also associate-editor (from 1966) of the journal, Archaeology and Physical Anthropology in Oceania.

Macintosh was noted for his extensive and tenacious fieldtrips.

He established the geological context of the fossilised Talgai skill, discovered in 1886, and used modern techniques to date it to c.14,000 years.

Macintosh produced over fifty scholarly publications and made important contributions to the knowledge of three features of Aboriginal history—its antiquity, its rich variation over time and place, and its origins in migratory arrivals.

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The last months of peace were spent in general practice at Bathurst and Newcastle. During his war service he had criss-crossed the waters between Australia and Indonesia, which Australia's Aborigines had traversed to reach the southern continent.Working on osteology, blood groups, fingerprints, forensic medicine and several other fields, he made important contributions to the study of variations in Aboriginal culture and migratory arrivals over time.In his extensive examination of significant ancient bones and artefacts he discovered or documented several of major significance.Extensive and tenacious field-trips were the milestones of his research.

He brought to them not only his energy and vision as a scholar, but also an extraordinary personality.

He supported the visits to Australia of Czech biological anthropologists at a time when cultural exchanges with communist countries were difficult. one person, in the future, through his own vigour, application, broad view, and natural wisdom, keeping so many of the reins of the subject in his hands and driving it ahead so far'.