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Nubia is a loosely defined region of southern Egypt and northern Sudan which used to stretch more or less 800 kilometers from Aswan to the Forth Cataract on the Nile in Sudan but now extends from south of Luxor to Khartoum, Sudan. Nubia was known as Ta-Seti ("Land of the Bow"), Yam or Wawat to the Egyptians, and Aethiopia to the Greeks and Romans (Ethiopia was called Abyssinia).

In Pharonic times, Nubia was known as the ancient kingdom of Kush. Nubian civilization was located along a 1,000-mile stretch of the Nile in the middle of the one of driest and hottest parts of the world. There is much less fertile land than in Egypt and the cataracts (canyons with big rapids) on the Nile make navigation for long stretches impossible.

In recent years serious archeological research has been disrupted by the construction of a dam in Sudan, 1000 kilometers upstream from the Aswan High Dam. Afro-Americans have embraced the Nubians as a kind of chosen people for them. C.), and survived as an Egyptianized kingdom (Kush: capital Meroe) for 100 years. The Egyptian often referred to the Nubians as "vile," "miserable" and "wretched." Pharaohs made images of Nubians on their foot stool so they could crush them with their sandals. The pharaoh Sneferu recorded a great victory against the Nubians in 2600 B. and he bragged 7,000 Nubians and 200,000 domestic animals were captured. Karen Rosenberg wrote in the New York Times, “Egypt’s assimilation of Nubia into its empire prompted some political niceties. the Nubian empire stretched between the Second and Fifth Cataracts.

A rap group on New York calls itself Brand Nubian and a Nubian hero "Heru: Son of Ausur" is featured in a new comic book. Nubia was a major source of gold, labor and exotic materials for ancient Egypt. The name “Kush” remained, but the adjective “vile” was dropped; the Egyptian governor of Nubia was called the “King’s Son of Kush.” The Egyptian cult of Amun was modified to suggest Nubia’s “holy mountain,” Gebel Barkal, as that deity’s birthplace. Hints of greatness from this period have een found.

For centuries the Ptolemaic Greeks, and especially the Romans, helped shape Nubia's destinies, only to give way to a Christian culture that gradually came in. Karen Rosenberg wrote in the New York Times, “How little we know about this ancient culture.

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Egypt, increasingly nervous about this neighbor, conquered a large swath of it in 1500 B. Four centuries later the Egyptian empire collapsed; a dark age followed. We know, for instance, that an Egyptian official named Harkhuf was sent to Nubia to obtain incense, ebony, oils, panther skins, ivory and a pygmy...Timothy Kednall if Northeastern University told National Geographic, the Nubians “had become more catholic than the pope.” Today Sudan has more pyramids than Egypt. Little is known about what happened in Nubia until around 850 B. A nearby holy mountain was believed to be the home of the ram-headed supreme god of Amun and an oracle that attracted people from all over Africa and the Middle Eats was established there. Piye wrote, “I shall let Lower Egypt taste the taste of my fingers.” After capturing one city after another along the Nile in 730 B.

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