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11-Sep-2019 20:54

The attorney can help you understand your rights and how to protect yourself. North Carolina lawmakers enacted 11 new laws for 2019.However, if the designation affects wages or benefits, the employer must clarify what it takes to be full- or part-time in writing.The employer can legally switch an employee from full- to part-time without the employee’s knowledge, as long as wages or benefits earned before the time of the change are not taken away.The amount of income a person will be taxed on will increase from 00.00 to ,000 for an individual, and from ,500 to ,000 for a married couple filing jointly.While the tax law changes help all employees in North Carolina, they are most beneficial to low-income earners.For tipped employees, the maximum amount of tip credit that can count toward the minimum wage is .12 an hour, so the cash minimum wage is .13 an hour, so long as employees receive enough tips to make up the difference between paid wages and minimum wage.

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If an employer intentionally avoids paying overtime in North Carolina, the employee may be entitled to additional money.

The date will be the Tuesday after the first Monday in March.

This change will begin with the 2020 presidential election.

This means that in 2019 nearly 30% of people who file income taxes in North Carolina will be exempt from state taxes.

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The new law with the biggest impact on taxpayers requires that all state primaries held in presidential election years be held Tuesday after the first Monday in March.In addition, the new law moves the date of the presidential preference primary in presidential election years.