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But then there are plenty of lovely Mongolians who have no such attitude to foreigners. I'm mixed White/Korean, but I look pretty much western.

I was traveling with a mongolian woman through the gobi desert and a nomad told me I should not hang out with mongolian woman because I was a forigner. When I was walking around w/ my Girlfriend there was definitely plenty of evil looks.

However, you won’t find as many active profiles on Asian Dating in Mongolia as you will on Tinder Pros of Asian Dating in Mongolia If you’re looking for the best online dating sites in Mongolia, then your search starts and ends with these.

If you’re living in the country for an extended time, you can give Asian Dating a try too.

On top of that, Mongolian men can be aggressive towards Western guys hitting on girls in the country, especially when alcohol is present.

Day game can be fruitful, but that’s not what you’re here for.

Personally the only thing that happened was walking on the street talking to a mongolian girl, a stranger deliberately walked between us and shouted some offensive things.

Of course there are much worse stories than this minor inconvenience.


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As a tiny country with nationalist values, you’ll be hard-pressed to find too many sites to work in Mongolia.

Keep things low-key until you meet, but still be playful and flirty.

Mongolian girls tend to be a little more feisty than their other Asian counterparts.

Its the same backwards mentality all over the world. It's widespread, but it only gets serious in some critical situations, like bars, alcohol, etc. Didn't have anyone walk up and verbally/physically harass me though (unlike when I lived in Korea).

Me and my wife (mongolian) get called names behind our backs when we walk together. Although as everyone else has stated, it would be best to avoid areas full of drunken assholes.

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