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28-Feb-2020 07:47

Pornography has taken a toll on family formation amongst the Latter-day Saints.

Now, of course, these comments were all from the women’s perspective because it was a Relief Society meeting, but the men in our ward have similar feelings—that they are under great pressure to do the dating thing just right.

It is about finding someone who loves the Lord and wants to grow with you, because you have already been growing together.

The checklist is artificially created and includes qualities one supposes one wants in a spouse.

”“I am not the kind of girl boys like because I am too (ambitious, smart, career-minded, shy, over weight) fill in the blank.

Guys only seem to go for one kind of girl.”The women also told us that too many of the boys are not living the kind of lives they would want in a husband.

Consequently many singles dated often and with many people before they began to even consider marriage. I have asked young single adult women why they won’t go on a second date with a boy, and they answer because I don’t think I will marry him.

That may be clear in some cases where someone doesn’t live the standards you appreciate, but how can you begin to know someone if you have hardly interacted with them?

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The problem with checklists, too, is that they reflect perfectionism. Marriage is about loving someone else’s very being, about understanding their impulses, about respecting their choices, about having enough shared experiences that you want to continue doing this for an eternity.

One of the biggest surprises to me, working with both the men and women young single adults is how little they date.