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14-Feb-2020 07:50

He started moving forward and I could fell my pussy gettting tugged so i moved with him.fortunateky his stopped in the shade.. I knew that I was tied (stuck to him.)My mind was racing but having seen him fuck quite a few dogs and stopped panicking and strated to relax. I was completely bound by thid dog.after abiut 20 minutes i felt the swelling go down and iwas released.. His growl qnd those little bites at my neck soon had me back on track obeying.I never believed that a dog could make me so submissive. I am now 44 yrs old and stiil very active in this lifstyle.Being very well developed for my age (looked 20) i had already been fucked by my sisters boyfriend.My Uncle and aunt were going away and needed the dog to be looked after.If you're interested in this then email me and we'll talk. dogc [email protected], no space i just can't use the c word in the description. I was in a state of paniic but it soon changed to pleasure and was succumbing to the enormous waves of pleasure coming from my pussy.he then pulled me closer his nails digging to my hips. He was now fucking me with quick sharp doggy moves.driving hid cock deeper and deeper in. After what seened a long time i felt him thrusting harder at me.

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b I was about 14 going on 15 when I had my first K9 experience.

I am of course now a bitch to a diifferent dog and have had lots of experiences in between masters.