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12-Apr-2020 19:55

CHICAGO (WLS) -- With the start of the New Year always comes a new set of laws to obey.

Check out the top 10 new laws for 2017 above, and the full list of new laws below.

The suicide of Walgren, a suburban Chicago honor-roll student, raised sensitive questions about how to confront students suspected of recording and sharing sexual images and helped spur changes in Illinois law. Pritzker has signed a bill inspired by the case that requires that parents be present when school authorities interrogate their child.

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HB 5594 If defendant needs opioid abuse or addiction treatment, court shall require them to participate in prescribed drug treatments under care of licensed physician HB 5602 "Changes the Nursing Home Care Act; if DPH fails to provide a written explanation as to why evidence was insufficient to refute a informal dispute resolution (IDR) finding the receipt will be cited for the dispute and no penalty can be imposed" HB 5607 Allows US savings bonds to be declared abandoned after being unclaimed and unreedemed 5 years after final maturity and allows the treasurer to obtain a judicial determination that the bond has been reverted to the state HB 5756 Provides no unlawful discrimination occur in the Illinois National Guard and clarifies duties of offices in the National Guard SB 2160 Extends sunset date on valuation of vegetative filter strips to December 31, 2026 SB 2260 Changes reporting requirements for Treasurer reporting warrants to Comptroller SB 2331 Clarifies that Medicaid managed care entities include business associates; allows the entities and business associates to communicate directly with clients regarding care coordination activities SB 2354 Expands the topics the board of managers may discuss in closed executive meetings related to condominiums SB 2358 Requires that any assignment of a developer's interest be received in writing and recorded before it is effective SB 2601 Extends the time frame for the filing of a motion to vacate to 60 days after the discharge of probation once alcohol or drug treatment as a condition of probation has been completed SB 2783 Considers unclaimed property abandoned after 5 yrs SB 2900 Expands the role of Physician Assistants ("PAs") and Advance Practice Nurses ("APNs") throughout various Acts, by allowing them to perform many duties, or hold positions normally reserved only for physicians or those similarly situated.

Sometimes it comes up in the way we impose sales tax," Cunningham said.

For example, feminine hygiene products were being taxed at the same rate as "luxury" products.

A new law repealing the "tampon tax" changes that, so feminine products will now be taxed at the same rate as necessity products like shampoo.

In addition, a new 2017 law requires all insurance companies to provide birth control coverage for up to 12 months at a time.

There were no outward signs Walgren was in a fragile mental state, and he had no history of harming himself, Wood wrote.