Heather mccomb dating

13-Sep-2019 02:48

They soon start dating, and find out that both of their fathers had abandoned them.

She is upset that her mother, Laura, is dating a man named Rod who treats her very badly, and Stacy often urges her to leave him and treat herself better.

At first, she doesn't suspect that there is anything wrong, because he immediately apologizes after getting mad at her and tells her that he loves her and gives her gifts to show his remorse.

Stacy soon promises to him that they will be together forever.

They are happy for a while, but trouble begins again when he sees her talking to another boy at the school dance.Later that night, Bobby, accompanied by an acquaintance, Vince Fortner, convinces Stacy to get into his car for a ride.He drives to the lake and walks off with her to be alone. Most people guess that she hitchhiked and was murdered, but Laura suspects that Bobby has something to do with it especially after she finds Stacy's purse in his room.She tries to explain that she was only dressing up for him, but he becomes more furious before throwing and slamming her into the wall.

Back at home, Laura worries that Stacy is spending too much time with him, but she assures her that he loves her and vice versa.

Stacy's body is soon found in the lake, wrapped in a trash bag with duct tape, and tied down with cinder blocks. A court trial soon follows with the district attorney asking everyone if they ever saw Bobby hit Stacy.

You wouldn’t want that to happen to your friend, sister or daughter.… continue reading »

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