Geneva receives a proportionate nonliquidating distribution

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You can search through the full text of this book on the web at http : //books . com/| Digitized by Vj OOQ IC Digitized by Vj OOQ IC ^ Digitized by Vj OOQ IC WAR 21 1917 Digitized by Vj OOQ IC TABLE OF CONTENTS. — Gold settlement fund and Federal Reserve agents' fund.... — Receipts and disbursements of the Federal Reserve Board. — Earnings and expenses of Federal Reserve Banks 116-121 Exhibit H. This report, the third submitted, is made just after the close of a year of imexampled commercial, industrial, and financial activity in the United States. On June 30, 1914, loans and investments were slightly more than the total of deposits viz : 100.5 per cent. (V) ]04 2D4.7A M MR on a Qoa ffi2i.i4 1 Bonds maturing within 6 months, having accumulated sinldng ftmds. — Reserve at ihe beginning of each months counting as gold Federal Reserve notes held by the bank.

— Changes in Federal Reserve districts 122-133 Exhibit I . In practically all important industries labor and capital have throughout the year found full and remunerative em- ployment. From that date to November 17, 1916, deposits increased 48.6 per cent, while loans and invest- ments increased only 21.9 per cent, then equaling 82.5 per cent of deposits.

geneva receives a proportionate nonliquidating distribution-36

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should be made to the Federal Reserve Act, the Board has been im- pressed with its duty to keep in close touch with the situation and to control as far as possible conditions resulting from either an exces- sive inflow or outgo of gold. BSSOMf E BOAISDU Fedefol Seterwe notn bp dmotrnnatwn^ imiud through the Ftdeni Buene «ya»(« tm- Bank. 8,624,750 3,707,580 13,675,400 5333,76S 11,608,000 8,594,300 2,230,000 1,149,850 2,130,080 770, «0 38,258,730 H, 496, 835 R^ii^ Ontstandtnir 4,917,170 8,341,635 8,074,380 1,070,150 1,359,600 23,782,856 Sua Fnnci Mo: lesmd 6y 440,099 2,928,110 2,360y009 1,6*1,209 5,200,000 266^400 2,000,009 19,900 3,600,000 20,380 19,800,000 4,818,910 Retired 2,511,890 1,775,800 4,933,600 1,980,100 3,579,700 n,;s,90t Total Issued 160,589,790 67,673^180 147,353,940 47,585,840 91,890,540 17,624,040 13,962,400 4,068,600 16,836,300 3,550,180 430,612,030 130,501.760 Total retired Total outstai Hling 102,896,570 99,767,200 74,266,690 9,893,809 13,286,200 300,110,2:0 Digitized by Vj OOQ IC AWBTUAL, BBPOBT OW THE FBDBRAL RB8BEVE BOABD. Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country. Shipbuilding on the Pacific coast has developed with great strides, 30 per cent of the total construction in the United States now being carried forward at Pacific coast ports. Table 11.— Go W settlement fund— Tabulation of transfers for calendar year 1916, [GOO'S omitted.] For aoooont of— Boston: Special transfers Settlements New York: Special transfers Settlements Philadelphia Cleveland Riofamond Atlanta: Special transfers. Louis: Special transfers Settlements Minneapolis Kansas City Dallas: Special transfers Settlements , Federal Reserve Agent Gold deposited through assistant treasurer of United States, San Francisco Misoell BDeous Total. SI, 885 108,871 33 221 30 847 10,807 564 1,064 922 8,820 8,100 128,880 We credit fund. %i,m 8,808 8,886 1,008 10,989 6,154 444 10,371 51 9,0» S, S80 4,170 W. — Federal Resettle notes issued and redeemed by Federal Reserve Agent during 1916.

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