Federal law mandating

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Such reports shall contain the names and addresses of the child and the child's parents or caretakers, if known, the child's age, the nature and extent of the child's injuries, including any evidence of previous injuries, and any other information that the reporting person believes might be helpful in establishing the cause of the injuries and the identity of the perpetrator.

Photographs of the child's injuries to be used as documentation in support of allegations by hospital employees or volunteers, physicians, law enforcement personnel, school officials, or employees or volunteers of legally mandated public or private child protective agencies may be taken without the permission of the child's parent or guardian.

The superior court to which an application is made shall not grant the application unless:(A) The application includes a description of the proposed research project, including a specific statement of the information required, the purpose for which the project requires that information, and a methodology to assure the information is not arbitrarily sought;(B) The applicant carries the burden of showing the legitimacy of the research project; and(C) Names and addresses of individuals, other than officials, employees, or agents of agencies receiving or investigating a report of abuse which is the subject of a report, shall be deleted from any information released pursuant to this subsection unless the court determines that having the names and addresses open for review is essential to the research and the child, through his or her representative, gives permission to release the information.

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A copy of any application authorized by this paragraph shall be served on the office of the law enforcement agency or district attorney which compiled the records containing such reports.

In cases where the location of the records is unknown to the applicant, the application may be made to the Superior Court of Fulton County.

Such photographs shall be made available as soon as possible to the chief welfare agency providing protective services and to the appropriate police authority.(f) Any person or persons, partnership, firm, corporation, association, hospital, or other entity participating in the making of a report or causing a report to be made to a child welfare agency providing protective services or to an appropriate police authority pursuant to this Code section or any other law or participating in any judicial proceeding or any other proceeding resulting therefrom shall in so doing be immune from any civil or criminal liability that might otherwise be incurred or imposed, provided such participation pursuant to this Code section or any other law is made in good faith.

Clarity in policy communications facilitates well-informed decisionmaking by households and businesses, reduces economic and financial uncertainty, increases the effectiveness of monetary policy, and enhances transparency and accountability, which are essential in a democratic society.Please click here to register Prevent Child Abuse of GA also offers in-person training.For in-person training, please contact Julia Neighbors at [email protected] Centralized Intake at 1-855-GACHILD / 1-855-422-4453 or by:•Fax – 229-317-9663•Email – [email protected]•Web-based reporting - **Web-based reporting requires completion of Mandated Reporter Training to obtain an ID# (see below) (a) The purpose of this Code section is to provide for the protection of children.It is intended that mandatory reporting will cause the protective services of the state to be brought to bear on the situation in an effort to prevent abuses, to protect and enhance the welfare of children, and to preserve family life wherever possible.

This Code section shall be liberally construed so as to carry out the purposes thereof.(b) As used in this Code section, the term:(1) "Abortion" shall have the same meaning as set forth in Code Section 15-11-681.(2) "Abused" means subjected to child abuse.(3) "Child" means any person under 18 years of age.(4) "Child abuse" means:(A) Physical injury or death inflicted upon a child by a parent or caretaker thereof by other than accidental means; provided, however, that physical forms of discipline may be used as long as there is no physical injury to the child;(B) Neglect or exploitation of a child by a parent or caretaker thereof;(C) Endangering a child;(D) Sexual abuse of a child; or(E) Sexual exploitation of a child.

Oral reports shall be followed by a later report in writing, if requested, to a child welfare agency providing protective services, as designated by the Division of Family and Children Services of the Department of Human Services, or, in the absence of such agency, to an appropriate police authority or district attorney.

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