Error validating database 121 sql error opening connection

13-Jan-2020 19:13

Would you also please be so kind as to give a short explanation on the parameters "waits" and "binds".

Thank you in advance and kind regards Peter Our app is using a connection pool into the d B.

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Asked: August 12, 2004 - am UTC Answered by: Tom Kyte - Last updated: April 30, 2019 - am UTC Category: Database - Version: 8.0.5 Viewed 50K times! Please, can you give an example(s) that show thorough understanding of the subject matter as related to either ODBC OR JDBC application connections to the oracle database.the connect pool software marks the connection as "in use" and gives it to you.You generate the page, format the html whatever -- and then return the connection to the pool where someone else can use it.However, I found that the program crashes when I commit the connection get from the connection pool. August 13, 2004 - pm UTC if you use a connection pool and software that supports it, sure.

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"jdbc connection pool" is like saying "human being".

I am seeing statements being parsed/executed/closed in my trace files probably because of this type of interface.