Entourage inbox not updating

22-Nov-2020 17:09

Instead, a user needed to find the item to be forwarded, i.e., a Contact, select it, then choose Forward as v Card from the menu.It was also not possible to create or manage server side rules on the Exchange server, so filtering only worked when the Entourage application was running.

Thunderbird on Windows is used to import the mail from Outlook.

Unlike the other applications in the Mac version of the Microsoft Office suite, Entourage did not share a name with its Microsoft Windows counterpart.

Microsoft claimed that Entourage was intended "to address an entirely different audience".

Entourage provided email, calendar, address book, task list, note list, and project manager functionality.

With Entourage 2004, Microsoft began offering a Project Center, which allowed the user to create and organize projects.This wasn't a solution for all Mac users, because Outlook 2001 only runs in the Classic Environment, which cannot run in OS 10.5 or on any Intel Macs.