Dating your preacher

30-May-2020 09:11

Congregations should ensure that their minister has a fair workload and time for social contacts and personal relationships outside the work place.

"As a male pastor I now realise how important it is for me to get my personal needs met outside my work.

I have been able to discern appropriate boundaries and other conflicts of interest in my personal and professional life. I feel excited and revitalised in ministry and I have the support and respect of my congregation." It may be possible to address the power imbalances and role difference in order to establish a new basis for two people in a ministerial relationship.It turned out to be very helpful and I actually asked for more time to consider John's proposal.We took things slowly and made sure we knew the real person." Today we can no longer assume that a romantic relationship between a clergy person and his or her parishioner is a private matter. I never was equal." It is the responsibility of the minister to show that he or she hasn't abused ministerial privilege and is not further exploiting the relationship through marriage. The following letter is from my current pastor’s wife, Holly. I hope it will help you as you seek to support, love, and respect your pastor and his wife as they shoulder the responsibilities and burdens of shepherding the church daily.

But, I did have fun asking several current and former pastors’ wives to share their words of wisdom with me—just in case God has this in store for me.I would encourage you to do the same–pastor’s wife or not! • Be careful what you read concerning being a pastor’s wife.

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