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26-Jun-2020 01:05

But should you choose, like Cher’s intrepid BFF Dionne, to pick from the pool most easily accessible to you (and trust us, there’s no shame in doing so), here are the five types you should be ready to encounter.Perhaps you already have and are already getting ready for the ultimate collaboratibr art project…

Talk to him for ten minutes, express two semi-astute opinions, and mention three artists he’s never heard of, and this guy will think you’re the next Rosalind Krauss. Money and time have rid him of some of the insecurities that plague his younger counterparts, but they’ve done nothing to mellow his fervent desire for beautiful women—preferably those under 30.

Street, if he even bothers to leave Brooklyn at all.

He’s an artist, writer, filmmaker, or dabbles in some other kind of creative pursuit.

He’s likely employed as a writer, critic, curator, or some nebulous combination of the three that seems to involve more drinking and trying to nail gallery interns than anything else.

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He secretly fancies himself something of a modern day Ernest Hemingway, and this, along with the fact that he probably received little attention from the fairer sex until around his sophomore year of college, is likely to blame for his womanizing ways.He’s surveying the crowd through those impenetrable, intoxicating eyes, probably deciding which collectors to shmooze with based on how expensive their wife’s handbag looks.