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13-Dec-2020 01:12

Followers ate them up."They were just so easy to love, easy to read, and so funny and so smart that I was like, ' We should just start making these,'" Rakowski says. Bumble caters more to women, and even provides support for folks just looking to make friends, but still doesn’t provide much in the way of community.

Back in November 2014, the Brooklyn-based graphic designer and photo editor started an Instagram account called @h_e_r_s_t_o_r_y that looked to document queer pop culture via images Rakowski dug up online: MSNBC host Rachel Maddow's high school yearbook photo, protest photos from the 1970s, any and all images of Jodie Foster."All of the sudden I had hundreds of queers flooding my inbox trying to hang out." The response was invigorating, but ultimately Juniper found their match by responding to someone else: Arizona, another recent college grad who had written a Personals ad titled "Rush Limbaugh’s Worst Nightmare"."Be still my heart," Juniper messaged them; soon they had a Face Time date, and spent the next three weeks writing each other letters and poems before Arizona drove seven hours from Pittsburgh to visit Juniper in Connecticut.The small squares of Instagram provided the perfect size for the ads, and attaching someone's handle to the post provided an easy way for interested parties to follow, message, and get a general sense of each others' lives. Rakowski is also adamant that it not just be about dating; she highly encourages the use of Personals to build LTRs "Arizona and I have been half-joking, half-seriously talking about using Personals to organize a poly[amorous] butch commune out in the country," Juniper says.

"I would read through all the comments and and be like, ' Damn, these queers are thirsty as fuck. "I totally feel like we could do that on there."They probably could.While Rakowski can see what happens in the comments on each individual post, she has no idea what happens when people slide into each other's DMs—but what feedback she does get is positive.

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