Dating how to play it cool

30-Oct-2020 02:23

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The more time a girl invests in you, the more she’s going to open up to you, and the more she opens up, the more she’s not going to let you leave. It’s important that you be purposeful in letting her know that you are interested in pursuing her.

A girl needs to know that you like her, otherwise she’ll think, “I guess this guy is not interested, I’m moving on”.

Reach Out When It’s Relevant Sending a cute text or making plans with someone you’ve just started seeing is by no means forbidden, but it should be considered carefully.

When you get the urge to reach out, take a beat and think about why you want to make contact.

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You’re not in a relationship, but you want to see them again. It can be tough to get the balance right when you are dating someone new.But if you’re looking for that quick rush of validation from getting any response whatsoever from him, it’s time to play the waiting game.