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01-Jul-2020 04:13

My past relationship wasn’t the right timing and therefore it was wrong.

I put all of my time and effort into pleasing my mate and no effort into my relationship with God. By breaking up with me my now ex was treating me as I should have been treated all along — as a sister in Christ.

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I have recently been dealing with a difficult breakup from my long-distance boyfriend. That is part of why dating is defective…it can take us away from the most important relationship in our life…the relationship with God.

As soon as I borrowed it and began reading it I fell in love with it. As I read Harris’s book I realized that what I was doing is what he describes as “defective dating”. Simply put, I shouldn’t even be worrying about dating at all. We should support them in their relationships with Christ and make sure that we do nothing to distract them from their missions. It is nearly impossible to be completely pure, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t strive for a life of purity until marriage. We need to learn to be patient and trust in him to provide us with marriage when the time is right.

I know that God will provide me with “the one” when the time is right…(e.g.- when I am ready for marriage).

He realized that my relationship with him was distracting me or keeping me from my relationship with God which was more important.

Now I am able to see my singleness as a gift from God.

Try writing about it Here is another thought from Dr. The journal paper notes that "those those who focused their writing on the positive aspects of their break-up (factors leading up to the break-up, the actual break-up, and the time right after the break-up) reported experiencing more positive emotions regarding their relationship's end and did not experience an increase in negative emotions.

The increased positive emotions included feelings of such as: comfort, confidence, empowerment, energy, happiness, optimismism, relief, satisfaction, thankfulness, and wisdom." Breakups aren't all bad - American Psychological Association When you are certain it is over, kiss each other good bye and then cry.

Officially, we were together for just a few months, but he was a part of my life for over a year. I thought it was the most pure, godly relationship I could have had and I really thought marriage would come of it one day in the future. Now is a time to focus on a relationship…but not that kind of relationship. Harris explains that we should only worry about courting the opposite sex when we are ready for marriage.