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30-Oct-2020 20:08

This method continued until the mid 60's and from 1966 the date code was rarely used.

With the introduction of the more modern bone china table wear the year of the introduction of the pattern was used rather than the year of the individual pieces manufacture.

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From 1956 the letter R was often used in place of the W.

The “Picture Gallery” presents an example of the type of pieces that are in the various pottery lines produced by the Nelson Mc Coy Pottery in chronological order.

While each piece in the different lines is not shown, the examples given serve as an aid in identifying the name of the line that a particular piece of pottery is associated.

Over the years factory marking of pieces has evolved and although marks vary from impressed and hand written to printed emblems, the majority of bone china produced was marked in the way described below.

The standard printed factory mark, included the number 51 in the centre that refers to the year 1751 when the Worcester Porcelain Company was founded by Dr John Wall.The more decorative pieces, not designed for everyday use, often used a mark with no date code or manufacture year.