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There is also, as evidenced in S&D, Gomorrah, Greatest Story, My Brother Esau, etc., a fondness for the Jewish tradition firmly planted in the lyrics.Also, can we give Trey honorable mention for covering Avinu Malkenu? But I have never understood the religious fervor surrounding the Grateful Dead.It's important to realize that the Grateful Dead were part-of and big movers-in the terrible tragedy of the popularity of drug abuse.How many thousands or millions of people took drugs due to the Dead's glorification of getting high ("ridin' that train, high on cocaine"), their encouragement to use, creation of an environment and culture where use was condoned and even freely distributed psychedelic drugs at their concerts?

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As a Judaica teacher of middle schoolers, high schoolers and adults for almost 20 years I've been blessed with the opportunity to share my passion for Hashem and Yiddeshkeit - none of that would have happened had it not been for my holy experiences of being a Deadhead.

As a clinical psychiatrist and an academic writer who’s explored The Grateful Dead on multiple levels, I can tell you from the things that folks have shared with me that I’m not the only one who finds their songs to be tremendously insightful.

But as a second-generation Grateful Yid with scores of concerts under my belt, I can also say that The Grateful Dead’s music reached me on a spiritual level. And yes, there is still a personal responsibility issue at hand here.

As for the statement that you "had friends who died or became mentally ill thanks to the Grateful Dead", please, spare me the hyperbole. Please, there is such a thing as personal responsibility, but taking responsibility for ones own actions and choices seems to unfortunately lacking today. How do you explain personal choice to someone who has been addicted to cocaine or heroine for 20 years?

This victimization seems to be especially popular among those of a particular political persuasion. If they turn out not be the correct choice, then learn from your mistake and become wiser. If you have a stellar response to this question you can help many. There's no lack of addicts in the geo where I live. My top lyric of the Grateful Dead is "I wish I was a headlight on a northbound train." The North which is Tzafon in Hebrew meaning hidden, is symbolized in Jewish wisdom as a place where the aspect of Hashem's light is hidden and where the forces of Tumah are to be found.How many lives were destroyed emotionally, psychologically or literally thanks to the Dead and their drug culture?