Dating buffet

19-May-2020 23:48

The log book shows the serial numbers jumping around quite a bit for the Selmer/Adolphe Sax saxophones.

Even so, its possible from this record to assemble a basic serial number chart for these instruments.

So I was hoping someone can post the new serial number look up site (that will produce a model number).. or if someone who can point "if it has/doesn't have this, and is in this SN range, it's most iikely xxx" I'd be happy with that too.

It SEEMS like it's an R13 from all circumstantial evidences based on my search.

Clarinet number one was produced in 1928, and the most recent serial number on is 545021, manufactured in 2005.

So I was hoping someone might be able to help me point to the right direction.

Despite purchasing all of the assets of the Adolphe Sax Company in 1928, Selmer did not start selling saxophones bearing the Adolphe Sax name until 1931.