Dating boot camp mystery

10-Aug-2020 01:25

What do you guys think they did wrong and could have done differently? Bootcamps will NOT turn most guys into m PUA's in three days.Bootcamps were not originally designed to turn most guys into m PUA's in just a few days and any reputable company will not advertise this.

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Whatever your abilities are now, a weekend bootcamp will bring your skills to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL.

They went to a bootcamp and then went out and started practicing what they learned.

They might not be the best at it and many arm-chair PUA's may be able to tear them apart with criticism but the fact is they learned a hell of a lot of information if they went to a good bootcamp and now its up to them going forward to practice what they learned and perfect these techniques.

I'll be there the entire time to share with you my (gulp!

) 37 years of experience in putting together well-crafted murder mysteries.The directors at the Dating Boot Camp are dedicated to making a difference.