Consolidating itunes Live chat striptiz rooms

28-Nov-2020 07:16

Click the box marked Consolidate files and then OK.

If you have any media listed in i Tunes but actually somewhere else, this will bring it all in to i Tunes. It places the copy within the i Tunes Media Folder and updates the i Tunes library to say where it is now. So at the end of this process, you will have two copies of any such media.

Once you've downloaded all your previous purchases, consolidation means making sure that they are all in one place.

It means that whatever you or i Tunes has ever done with any of your media, you straighten it out now.

Apple even stresses this in its support documentation.In that case, open i Tunes on your Mac and choose Preferences.Then click on Advanced and look for the heading i Tunes Media Folder location."i Tunes in the Cloud is not a backup service," it says, "and having a local copy (a copy downloaded to a computer) is the only way to back up your purchased media." Then choose the Account menu.

Depending on whether you have Family Sharing setup or not, you'll ether see an option called Purchased or Family Purchased. Click the button Not in My Library and then to the right of that, choose between Music, Movies, TV Shows or Audiobooks.

Your Mac will now show you a list of all the media, of that type, which you own.